I’m so thankful to be a virtual assistant

It poured all day yesterday after starting as a steady drizzle the day before. The cold and the wet (rain, ice, or snow) make me more thankful than ever to be a virtual assistant. I’m warm and dry in my home office after an exceptionally easy commute (no accidents or flooded roadways to avoid). What could be better?

What’s on your list? Be your own boss? Use the best of your skills and technology? Have flexible hours? Spend more time with your family and less time commuting? Work from home? Avoid workplace irritants (admit it—this includes allergens, sick-building syndrome, and some people’s behavior) so you are more productive?

If this appeals to you, check out the virtual assistant resources available at the Virtual Assistant Networking Association. When the next big storm hits, you could be this thankful, too.


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