Are You An A+ E-mailer?

Some people are fantastic e-mailers. Here are five practices they use:

  • Their signature line gives me all the information I need to reach them should I choose not to respond with e-mail.
  • The subject line is clear and concise, telling me what I need to know or do (“I’ll be there at 11 a.m. on Wednesday” or “please proofread and return before 4 p.m.”). By closing with “End of Message,” I know I don’t even have to open the e-mail.
  • They use Blind Copy (BCC) when sending e-mail to a group of people so my e-mail address is not shared with strangers.
  • They don’t use Reply All or Read Receipt Requested unless absolutely necessary.
  • They don’t forward junk or put me on an unwanted mailing list.


What additional best practices would you like to see people use?


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